Ballistix install prep

Crucial Ballistix performance memory is designed to make your system go Ballistix. Because Ballistix is premium-quality performance memory, you may be required to manually reconfigure your system in order to take full advantage of the Ballistix boost. Here are a few pointers on what to expect.

Prepare to make some profile adjustments.

To ensure compatibility, all Ballistix modules contain an industry-standard profile that's designed to work with the widest range of systems available. When you first install Ballistix performance memory, your computer may default to these lower, industry-standard speeds and configurations. To unleash the full potential of Ballistix performance memory, your system may require some additional tuning or adjustments, possibly to the profile. If your motherboard supports Intel XMP profiles, then configuring the BIOS is a snap. XMP profiles are standard on Ballistix Sport XT, Tactical, and Elite. If you're looking for a simple upgrade that doesn't require changes to your BIOS to get the full performance gain, we recommend Ballistix Sport standard height or VLP modules.

Prepare to make some changes to your BIOS.

Your system configuration will need to support certain settings or configuration values, which may require manually changing the BIOS setup. You may also need to adjust voltages, timings, speeds, and other settings. Please refer to your operating manual for details on configuration and supported BIOS values; specific system performance may vary and unsupported configurations may revert to industry-standard or system defaults. Overclocking (running your components faster than their published specs) or otherwise modifying your system's timing may result in damage to your components and could invalidate your warranty. If you plan to operate your hardware outside of published specifications, do so at your own risk.

No matter what, if we say it's compatible, it is. Guaranteed.

Here's our guarantee: if we recommend a Ballistix product through one of our online configuration tools and you purchase it on, it will be compatible with your system — or your money back.

NOTE: Some system configurations may not allow memory to operate at published speeds and timings, and actual performance may vary based on your configuration, usage, and manufacturing variability.


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