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Crucial® System Scanner

If you are upgrading the computer
you are on:

  • Safely scan your computer's hardware
  • View your current memory configuration and storage drives
  • View guaranteed compatible memory and storage upgrades
  • PLUS, get recommendations to max out your memory and storage for optimal performance

Crucial® System Selector

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  • Simply select your computer's make/model
  • View standard configurations for more than 150,000 computers
  • View guaranteed compatible memory and storage upgrades


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The Crucial System Scanner is trusted by millions of users to safely scan your computer without accessing personal data or installing anything on your system.

100% guaranteed compatible upgrades for your PC & Mac

Uma atualização da Crucial pode:

melhorar a produtividade
do seu trabalho e a
capacidade de armazenamento

Aumente o desempenho do seu PC para se divertir com os jogos mais recentes ou aumentar a taxa de quadros.

Libere sua criatividade de conteúdo com desempenho e armazenamento ideais.

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